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NEWSCENTER-Disposable medical devices market is growing fast
Disposable medical devices market is growing fast
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The biggest advantage of disposable medical instruments is that, compared with those of repeated use after disinfection of the traditional medical products, disposable medical devices used in only one patient, which can completely eliminate the cross infection between patients hidden danger, prevent the occurrence of due to strict disinfection and cause infection in patients with viral hepatitis or HIV medical accident the accident.

" Insulin pen " extended " disposable " concept

Since the nineteen eighties, global disposable medical devices industry vigorous development, and formed in the latex gloves, disposable syringe and infusion ( transfusion ) set ( Note: it is usually composed of needles, catheters and infusion bag etc. ) three flagship products to the international medical equipment on the market, its sales accounted for about global disposable medical equipment product market 75%.

But since the 90 's at the end of eight or nine years, the development speed of disposable medical device industry is extremely rapid in foreign countries, many of which a single variety of disposable medical devices with annual sales of more than US $1000000000, " insulin pen " is one example. Binding of insulin pen for drugs and medical devices. Because insulin is daily medication to control high blood sugar in patients with diabetes, development is more novel " prefilled insulin pen " listed, not only removed from the patient frequently purchase troubles, and is very convenient to use. After the listing, by the diabetes patients around the world welcome, it is in Europe and the United States in diabetic patients and high penetration rates of 70%~80%.

Inspired by a prefilled insulin pen development success, foreign medical device manufacturers have increased the development of a new disposable medical products efforts, to win in a new round of market growth. As the world's largest medical equipment Market -- the United States of America as an example, according to the international famous consulting company Freedonia prediction : by 2011, the United States of America disposable medical equipment market will reach $70400000000, up to 4.9% annual growth rate. The rapid growth of the aging population trend and family health care needs are the two main factors to promote the rapid development of disposable medical equipment market.

The old man needs to broaden the " disposable " market

Then, in the next 5 years, what kind of disposable medical products the most favored by the vast number of consumers? This problem is a hotspot in medical equipment industry is most concerned about.

According to the analysis of Freedonia company's chief economist: disposable infusion set of novel and its supporting products will be the future of the fastest growing medical products. Because, at present, many countries have entered the aging society, and many home care needs of the elderly in the home infusion treatment of various chronic diseases, so the development of convenient use, good safety and high value-added household disposable infusion sets of products will have good market prospects.

In recent years, foreign countries has developed a variety of new products, disposable medical devices for the elderly population, which has achieved good market sales of products mainly include:

1 in the treatment of women " incontinence " disposable medical products

" Incontinence " is a high incidence of disease endemic in older women, its causes and control the urethra sphincter relaxation on. Patients with severe urinary incontinence and even sneezes, the bladder urine will can't help out, it is very awkward, so many patients so ashamed of access to public social places.

It is reported, the United States a company recently listed on the development of a specific symptoms of urinary incontinence disposable medical device Contiform. Introduction according to manufacturers, the product line from disinfection pulp pulp into a high elastic hollow tubes made of polymer material with strong water absorption, its shape is very much in line with vaginal anatomy and physiology, will be placed in the vagina can effectively restore the pelvic plexus of urethral sphincter control shrinkage force, make the patient recover gradually the ability of independent control of urine excretion.

Most of the patients reflect the good in the use of Contiform treatment of urinary incontinence. A major breakthrough in the disposable medical products and it is also the treatment of urinary incontinence in women ( formerly the market only adult diapers and other passive incontinence supplies ).

2 Snore Stopper

Snoring is a very common non - pathological symptom. Its principle is snoring for jaw uvula ( commonly known as "small tongue " ) too hypertrophy, night sleep after uvula barrier air import and trachea and a vibration noise (i.e. snoring). For others ( especially snoring spouse ), DB great snoring often affect the quality of sleep. The United States is a recently developed new products listed in the disposable medical devices a new non operation -- the snore stopper. Its shape is like a mask, as long as the buckle can be on the chin forced snorers keep air import and oral smoothly, no vibration uvula, which can fundamentally eliminate the snoring occurs. New oral appliance ( CPAP ) are cheap, the user can adjust the degree of tightness, in the evening when the wearer feel comfortable.

3 sticky toothed belt

The elderly due to the long suffering from periodontitis, will eventually lead to root loose, very hard to chew food. Once upon a time, the only way to dentists against loose teeth is -- pulled loose teeth, then loaded on teeth. But in any case it is really false teeth. In view of this, the United States a company invented a loose teeth to fixed up novel " sticky toothed belt ".

Introduction according to manufacturers, sticky toothed belt made of non-toxic polymer film, coated with a layer of high viscous gel natural biological material processing, the dentist as long as sticky toothed belt attached to the loose tooth root, which can make the teeth to fixed, so as to restore the masticatory function. The product is a small product, but to loosening of the teeth are concerned, a good product is a " kindness knows no bounds. ". Once the sticky teeth in the tooth root with cohesive failure, just ask the dentist to exchange a new belt can be sticky teeth.

Operation equipment update " disposable " directory

In addition to a one-time infusion sets, prefilled injection pen ( currently abroad have developed a variety of can be used for injection of some biological engineering drugs such as auxin, interferon, monoclonal antibodies prefilled injection pen products ), cardiac catheterization, catheter, hemodialysis tube, transdermal and oxygen equipment ( such as oxygen pillow etc. ) will be several disposable medical products in the fastest growing.

In the treatment of trauma supplies, disposable medical products newly developed particularly attract sb.'s attention. Including the prefilled staplers, using biological engineering technology and processing " tissue adhesive, sealant, " collagen, foaming agent, alginate bandages and other new products. Which contains the " epidermal growth factor " of the wound healing agent sales growth the fastest, and most common type bandage has no technical content in the next few years the market sell flat growth. In addition to other conventional suture operation outside of chitin suture line will not have substantial growth.

Operation room use of non-woven cloth curtains operation gown, disinfection and abdominal tarpaulin, common surgical medical products because of its low cost and can replace the cotton products formerly, disposable medical products market has become large, the market demand is very huge. Secondly, the doctor mask with a disposable operation ( it can effectively prevent the operation when the patient's blood or soiling accident splashed surgery doctor eyes ) as the actual use is inconvenient, will from the market fade, replace sb. Is the other novel disposable operation protective equipment, including disposable contact lenses ( Note: This product the existing production, using silicone gel materials with high added value is made of aspheric lens or toric lens type contact lenses), which not only has a good protective effect, but also for the myopic eye doctors, wearing this novel disposable contact lenses can prevent glasses lens wear caused by operation when sweating or other factors be moisture fuzzy, and affect the operation effect.

In addition, other disposable medical products abroad recently listed include: cervical cell collector ( Note: screening of cervical cancer and other gynecological diseases will use the instrument ), the novel eyedrop administration device, contraceptive drug delivery device, blood glucose was measured with the novel blood taking needle, saliva analysis with paper box, insulin inhaler ( i.e. insulin aerosol inhaler ) as well as various disposable dental instruments etc..

Household appliances lead " disposable " trend

You can believe that, in the next few years, a new upsurge in sales in the international market will usher in a personal and household disposable medical devices. According to Freedonia, economic analyst forecast: in the next 5 years, personal and household disposable medical products sales will account for the world's disposable medical devices market 43%.

Because, Europe and the United States, Japan and China and other developing countries, has entered the aging society. While the elderly because of its weak and sickly, become an important consumer groups in the use of disposable medical devices. At the same time, many wealthy western countries ( such as Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, high welfare state ) in elderly patients to buy disposable household medical appliance products can go to the local health departments to submit an expense account for most, this policy will help to promote the new climax of development of personal and household disposable medical products.

With the rapid development of biological engineering technology, I believe the future will have more new disposable medical products available, the market prospect is very broad. Medical devices in China should learn from foreign enterprises to develop the disposable medical products " canon", and developed in line with China's national conditions of disposable medical products, to meet the domestic demand of consumers.

Glossary: disposable medical devices

According to the new interpretation of the International Association for medical devices industry experts, the so-called " disposable medical devices " ( disposable medical devices ) is not only a medical device used, but only used in one patient ( of course can be used multiple times in the body ), but disposable medical products. According to the new definition, including insulin pen in recent years the development of the " market " ( insulin pen ), many kinds of medical devices can be classified as disposable medical products category.

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