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NEWSCENTER-e disposable medical devices industry gaps and opportunities
e disposable medical devices industry gaps and opportunities
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Most of the hospital in the purchase of medical equipment, the products are often reduced to option, they prefer more general, Philips, Siemens such international brands, local brands may be called " copycat ", " low-end" label, not popular. Indeed, the medical device industry beginning in China is relatively low, the relative lack of talent, product structure and R & D system is relatively backward, from the enterprise to the industry, the core competitiveness is weak.

Although the industry really powerful era has not come, but the national level to give good policy is for the industry to bring light. Chairman of the China Association for medical devices industry Jiang Feng said: " the government attaches great importance to the development of medical device industry, R & D investment increase, the medical and health system, medical insurance system reform, and the Ministry of health investment to establish the rural and community health system policy provides a great impetus to the development of domestic medical devices industry, medical equipment industry and the market will continue to maintain a high speed, steady development. "

In the economic globalization, the internationalization of the division of labor, China's medical equipment industry has been absolutely no hair. The health care reform drive, vigorous development of community hospitals and primary hospitals, coupled with the aging of the population has been increasing, the overall market demand began to expand. In the past 3 years, the medical device industry the highest growth rate of 38%, in 2010 the total output value of more than 100000000000 yuan. According to the current growth rate, the next 5 years the medical device industry total output value of 400000000000 yuan, annual growth is expected in about 20%. In the end the medical device growth rate can reach 30%

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