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NEWSCENTER-The disposable medical devices the strong momentum of development
The disposable medical devices the strong momentum of development
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Over the past 10 years, the global disposable medical devices industry gained hitherto unknown development. According to the latest foreign media reports, in 2008, the global disposable medical devices market sales amounted to $89000000000, is expected next year is expected to exceed 100 billion dollars.

The developed countries in Europe and America disposable medical equipment sales total sales of about 45% of the market of medical apparatus and instruments. The United States is the world's largest disposable medical devices market, accounting for more than the global disposable medical equipment market share of 40%. Europe is the world's second largest disposable medical devices market, accounts for about 29% of the market share of disposable medical devices. Japan, China, India and other Asian emerging industrial countries together accounted for about international disposable medical devices market 17% ~ 18% share.

Disposable medical equipment covers health materials, disposable medical gloves, disposable infusion device \ / blood transfusion, medical textiles, surgical operation instrument, disposable catheter ( such as a catheter, drainage tube ), instruments, vascular operation instrument, obstetrical instruments, anesthesia, oxygen mask such as thousands of varieties for Department of Cardiology operation. Among them, anesthesia with disposable medical equipment, disposable non-woven hygiene materials market growth rate of concern.

Novel anesthesia rapidly extended mask

Disposable anesthesia equipment for surgical operation is one of the essential medical equipment products. In recent years, foreign disposable anesthesia equipment for product market is growing fast.

The hospital early in the anesthesia used in the device is mainly to the throat insert type tubular product ( referred to as anesthesia throat ). In recent years, the use of more convenient, less on patients with throat injury model of disposable anesthesia equipment for anesthesia with laryngeal mask -- nose talent showing itself, is rapidly replacing the use of insertion for hundreds of years the anesthesia used in throat. At present, the developed countries the United States and European hospitals basically popularizing the disposable anesthesia with laryngeal nasal mask. The developed countries in Europe and America disposable anesthesia with laryngeal nasal mask with annual sales of up to $250000000. Expected in the next two years in developed countries disposable anesthesia with laryngeal nasal mask sales will reach $335000000.

Disposable anesthesia with laryngeal nasal mask is new products will be the anesthetic gas input tube combined with mask. It not only moderate price, but also because the used only once, and no cross infection risk. At present, in addition to Europe and the United States, disposable anesthesia with laryngeal nasal mask have been spread to Japan, Singapore and China's Hong Kong and taiwan. Is expected in the next 4 years, the disposable anesthesia equipment for products in the other Asia-Pacific countries and regions have been further promotion, market development space is enormous.

A non-woven hygiene materials

30 years ago, non-woven fabric has just emerged, it was regarded as the later textile family, did not pay attention to. However, in the 30 year after today, non-woven products has become the fastest growing disposable sanitary products international medical equipment market.

The polymer polypropylene (PP) production of non-woven low price, can withstand ultraviolet or ethylene oxide sterilization method used, very suitable for making various medical textiles, sanitary materials, instead of cotton fabric. More accord with environmental protection requirement by using non-woven fabric made of medical textiles and sanitary material. They can be used in later as " waste plastics " re-melted regeneration and recycling (cotton sanitary material can not be recycled ). And the use of cotton production of sanitary materials, non-woven fabric can produce similar products, such as surgery with cushions, disinfection, packaging materials, foot wound protection material ( such as lower limbs varicosity use powerful leg bandage and equipment ), hospital, health with sheets, surgical masks required ( chest ) cover cloth, a doctor wearing overalls and patient service, are made of non-woven fabrics.

According to statistics, in recent years, the United States, plus two year consumes about 3300000000 square metres of non-woven materials used for processing a variety of health and medical textile materials. The United States of America disposable sanitary materials and medical textiles with annual sales of about $3400000000. Europe in second, about $2300000000. Japan, China, India and other Asian emerging industrial countries of disposable non-woven hygiene materials and medical textile consumption increased. The estimated total sales in the next two years the global disposable sanitary materials and medical textile market will exceed $5000000000. The non-woven disposable sanitary materials and medical textiles can save valuable raw material of cotton fiber, with cotton fiber non-woven price is only 1\/4, so the health materials more and more in the future and medical textiles will switch to non-woven fabric production. The United States of America Medical Devices Industry Association is responsible for that, in the next few years, disposable non-woven fabric for surgical materials and sanitary materials in the international market, the annual growth rate will reach 15%. It will become a disposable syringe after the best-selling international market of disposable medical instruments.

Prefilled syringe popular

The United States of America Frost & Sullivan consulting company 's chief economic analysts believe that, in the next few years, prefilled syringe will be growth quickly disposable medical products in the international market of medical apparatus and instruments. At present, the global prefilled syringe products with annual sales of between 10000000000 to 12000000000 dollars, very strong development momentum.

The so-called prefilled syringe, refers to a " medical equipment and new syringe products ". Because they are using a syringe can be discarded ( insulin pen exception, it can be used for many times ), causing infection in patients with no risk, and the patient at home by injection, thus eliminating the need for hospital injection troubles, so much the patients welcome. Disposable pre-filled syringes in the United States of America 's fastest-growing.

Representative products of prefilled syringe is insulin pen world. At present, the insulin pen annual sales up to ten branch. In addition to insulin pen, other prefilled syringe products and beauty industry to use " one-time collagen injection pen" and eliminate wrinkles "one-time botulinum toxin A injection ", as well as disposable wound disinfection syringe syringe, gelatin, sodium alginate liquid bandage type injector, burn patients with epidermal growth factor ( EGF ) syringe, biotechnology drugs ( such as interferon, human growth hormone, colony cell activating factor and so on ) syringe. These proteins and drug dose, minimum price of more expensive, so it is very suitable to be processed into a prefilled syringe. With the increase of production, prefilled syringes is expected to continue to lower the price.

In addition to the above products, the United States and other developed countries also have developed listed a number of new disposable medical instruments, including high value-added silicone gel syringe ( for breast augmentation operation using ), spherical or curved orthopaedic material, disposable contact lenses. These products are urgently needed in the market, sales of products.

Emerging market opportunities

At present, in addition to the state in some developed countries and the Asia-Pacific region is the world's disposable medical equipment market, some previously neglected countries and regions has gradually become the emerging markets, including parts of West Africa and Southeast asia. For example, in the past few years, the UN health agency has enlarged to include Africa 's most populous country Nigeria ( 110000000 people ) in some West African countries and other countries in the medical device support. Only Nigeria disposable medical products consumption amount is $1000000000. The United Nations every year to West Africa underdeveloped countries aid to hundreds of millions of dollars of disposable medical products. However, these products in the invitation to bid for India enterprises ( India won the bid for the human cost is much lower than China's, so it can often win in the UN disposable medical equipment bidding ). Even so, China's enterprises can not easily give up the West Africa and other regions of the disposable medical products market. On the contrary, China should strengthen the development of Southeast Asia and West Africa is relatively smaller medical equipment market. Because the production capacity of disposable medical products in these countries seriously insufficient, so a large number of imports.

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