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Baoying County Fukang Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd  is a professional manufacturer of medical devices,which was established in 1998, To expand the scale of production, the new factory land requisition investment in equipment and has been completed. Welcome to our new factory area to guide and have a good business conversation!
      The factory produces medical cotton Buds machine,  the medical bandage machine, medical cotton ball machine, medical gauze cutting machine ,the syringe needle rubs tri-usage machines. All these products are of high quality and at a reasonable price.
       Besides these, our factory produces the medical cotton ball , medical silver,  medical cotton buds , Medical gauze, bandage, gauze mask, the cap and disposable hygiene products. The products are quite popular in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, as well Japan, South Korea ., Hong Kong, ,Singapore and some other southeast countries and regions.
        The factory persues the management aim that" Quality first, consumer first". The factory has gained the domestic and international customer's trust and appreciation for the high quality products and fine service , " FuKang" will continue making great efforts to the multipolarism of the products , technology melts high-newly,  internationalization, scaled benefit.
        The factory is located in the middle part of Jiangsu, puts the river area in northern
        Jiangsu, the well-known" The town of lotus root" centre, borders on Yanjin national defence highway on the east, connects the Beijing-Shanghai expressway on the south, border on Beijing-Hangzhou Canal on the west, Beautiful view and convenient transportation! Welcome the personages of various circles to have a  Visit.

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